First blog ever!!!: My Educational Philosophy


Hello, Welcome to my blog.

I’m using this blog to share ideas, lessons (my weakness), and my two cents of a very different educational philosophy.  So let’s start out with my educational philosophy.

 I have been in so many math classes throughout the course of time and have been bored to tears, and I love math. So, why was I bored?  Was it the lessons, nahhhh, great lessons help, but can’t make a dynamic class. Was it the difficulty, nope; however, correct level of difficulty is crucial. Was it lack of engagement on my part, maybe, I mean if I never gave a teacher a chance then they had no chance right???

            So what engages a student, what makes them want to be there, what makes them want to come to your class even if their sick in bed? So I ask you to think for a second….. Where did you go last time you were sick and shouldn’t have gone… a party, a new movie on opening night (guilty of this one), a wedding because you had to be there for the bride and groom, a comedy club, a concert???  What I am trying to get at is why can’t we make school like this. Why can’t our classrooms be a comedy club, why can’t walking into my class feel like walking into the movies? Why can’t every day students be so excited to walk into class because they feel like they would miss something if they skipped. 

            Well, this is me. This is my classroom. I make them laugh, cry, love, collaborate, share, respect, and cherish, and I am not even talking about the math yet. I have had many very sick students in my class, lol. This is what I have been trying to do for the last seven years and going to continue to try to do until the day I retire. 

             This is just my first blog and wanted to just get my feet wet.  I will elaborate on how I make a dynamic classroom, share a few of the interesting lessons I have, and collaborate with anyone to make myself and others just a little better. “baby steps”