Respect (to get it one must give it)

I grew up with family values that I must always respect my elders, teachers, and everyone I came into contact with.  However, students these days don’t have the same values, I know some do, but a lot don’t. So on the second day of class I do a little name learning game.

I have the kids tell me their full name and something about themselves and I relate a personal story to their story, I try to make it funny or entertaining which keeps kids attentive. but I will ask three kids at a time and then go back saying their names. ask three more and then go back saying all six kids names, ask three more… you get the drift. So by the end of the game I will have memorized all thirty students.  I will say their names in different order each time, which helps memorize all the names.I then go on with rules and classroom expectations, then show some sort of TED movie, but before they leave I will go through the class saying all their names again.

I will do this with all 180 students I have, but the trick is THIS.

The whole week I will walk the halls calling out each of their names as I see them. Some will laugh that I am doing this and I will forget some, but within the first week I will have 90% of them memorized.

My point…

The kids love this. I remember last year half way through the year a student was upset because their teacher didn’t know their name. I don’t want a child to feel like that with me, with my class. 

So by doing this little game, the kids see that I am here for them and it sets the tone for the rest of the year..

3 thoughts on “Respect (to get it one must give it)

  1. JamiDanielle says:

    Oh my. I am sooooo awful at learning their names. Mad props to you for that skill. I am probably the teacher who doesn’t know their name half-way through the year (although I hide it well). Thank goodness for name tags. 😉

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